Thursday, May 15, 2003

Well it been a while since i"ve blogged. Anyways during the weeks in which i havent blogged i have had some interesting thought due to the assignment given in class. I found e-learning like any other training program needs alot of planning and thought, and many thing to consider. For a successful e-learning course, i think it should hold many of the learners characteristics, and learning style. I feel that the learners play a major role especially when undertaking an e-learning course, as there is no faciliator to conduct the learning instead technology aid it the learners learning. Therefore i think when planning the course careful analysis should be conducted on the characteristics and the learners readiness before any final decisions are made.

Monday, March 31, 2003

Thanks for inviting me to be on your team!
I promise not to write all over your Blog!
Cheers - Anne BB
This is gettin addictive i found some more sites..... there is one that is a e learning magazone online and you can subscribe to their newsletter
the websites is called
you can chose to have emailed to you new digest and featured storeis, or columns essays and tutorials or specials events.

another site that i found was \

I found some more newsletters and magazine of learning
another interesting one i found was but there was a membership fee

i also found many site of e-learning in different language which was different!!!!

Well i have subscribe to some newsletters and stuff for e-learning.... i find that some are free while others come at a cost.... which i suppose is fare
some urls which i accessed and subscribe to were:

o.k well ciao
o.k i'm going to the add another post because i''m so behind, due to the fact that my blogg only started working for me last week.

I found that computers are o.k and that i'm quite able to uses them, so all this new technolgy and e-learning is cool and conviences, but at times can be a hassal when you can get access or it is playing up. so i suppose patience plays a big part, and problem solving. When we did a discussion board on uts online, people's motivation has an impact, although it is more convient people still may not complete task, unless it is essential and due soon, so in a way it hasnt improve people motivation to learn although it may be easier to access and convient.
On Thursday i had a tafe assignment to give instruction on something about technology. So i decided to give instruction on how to create a blog, I put in pictures and gave simple instruction which also included some troubleshooting, like if the webpage didnt work or come up. Many of the other students were curious to know what it was, some were still a bit like it was a waste and i should of done something more technolgical and computer/network base, but the teachers were quite impress and eager.

While researching and creating my instruction on how to create a blog, i learned alot of things with the blog, ilike that you could change your template, and i also checked out other people bloggs, which were extremly interesting, some were not so personal and more topic based. I found that blogs were a good way to have a webpage and a website, with out the hassel of creating all the html and all that jazz that comes with it!

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

This will be my first offical blog enter, this is due to the difficult i had encountered when using blog. My blog woldnt publish as a web page so i could not view it in full content.
So i supposed that was frustrating and a negative drawback to e-learning. When things dont work the way the are meant to, repeatly you start to get impatient and annoyed, but i suppose if you stick to it and try different options and outlooks you'll get there in the end. Its all about persistents.

I think this blog is cool, its like the reflective journals we do in nearly every educational subject at uts!!! ( uts specialise in it badly) ........... even management subject have got us doing it now!!! Its so much quicker than writing down on a pen and paper....and your thoughts become more clear!!! as well as editing. when you make a mistake all you have to do it click the delete button!!!! cool!!!!

Anyways my thoughts and view of e-learning is it is different and something that needs to be incoporated into educational instuitions. But i still think there is the need to have social and interpersonal interaction with fellow class mates and espically the teacher. I think that e-learning is another tool and vecihle but but one we can substitiue and replace altogether. For example i like the fact that uts has both a blackboard online course as well as our lectures and tutorial, they are combined well and are extremly useful.
well thats all from me today
ciao! xox

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

This blogg is not working for me and it frustrating me!!!!!!!
Please work please
this is my 1st post on the blogg today i hope it works :)