Wednesday, March 26, 2003

This will be my first offical blog enter, this is due to the difficult i had encountered when using blog. My blog woldnt publish as a web page so i could not view it in full content.
So i supposed that was frustrating and a negative drawback to e-learning. When things dont work the way the are meant to, repeatly you start to get impatient and annoyed, but i suppose if you stick to it and try different options and outlooks you'll get there in the end. Its all about persistents.

I think this blog is cool, its like the reflective journals we do in nearly every educational subject at uts!!! ( uts specialise in it badly) ........... even management subject have got us doing it now!!! Its so much quicker than writing down on a pen and paper....and your thoughts become more clear!!! as well as editing. when you make a mistake all you have to do it click the delete button!!!! cool!!!!

Anyways my thoughts and view of e-learning is it is different and something that needs to be incoporated into educational instuitions. But i still think there is the need to have social and interpersonal interaction with fellow class mates and espically the teacher. I think that e-learning is another tool and vecihle but but one we can substitiue and replace altogether. For example i like the fact that uts has both a blackboard online course as well as our lectures and tutorial, they are combined well and are extremly useful.
well thats all from me today
ciao! xox